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The Church

The first recorded meeting towards the formation of a church to serve Crosshouse and district was held on 25th November 1879. The foundation stone was to be laid on a Wednesday afternoon , 29th December 1881 and the church was opened on Sunday 19th March 1882 for public worship. The first minister, Rev James Wyse was called to the church on Thursday 3rd August 1882.
The costs of the building are shown below:
Abstract of Treasurers Statement as examined and passed at a meeting of the trustees and managers held 21st September 1882
Expenditure £ s d
Building Thomas King 447 - -
Building other a/cs 239 17 3
Building pays 536 - 7
Joiners a/c 637 - -
Slaters 91 - -
Plumbers and Gas fittings a/c 99 19 5
Plasterers a/c 74 18 -
Heating apparatus 78 17 6
Bell and fitting up 53 2 11
Painters a/c 16 7 -
Vestry furnishings etc 33 9 3
Architects fees 90 - -
Boundary wall 161 1 -
Gate and Railings 20 9 8
Levelling ground 31 5 5
Sundries 114 10 2.25
Total 2,755 6 2.25
The church was left with a debt to the bank of around £600 and on February 3rd 1885 a committee was formed to raise funds for the debt and to finance the building of a manse.

The Bazaar

It was agreed to have a grand bazaar and this was held on Thursday 15th, Friday 16th and Saturday 17th October 1885. The bazaar took the form of a Grand Egyptian Fancy fair and was held in what is now the Grand Hall in Kilmarnock. The general idea was that of a Market Square in Cairo, with its busy throng of buyers and sellers. The various houses and shops erected were full sized models, designed and built by Messrs Carnegie and Co., Bazaar Decorators, Newcastle on Tyne, their charge was 7.5% of the takings. The bazaar raised £1,400, clearing the debt and the balance left over used to start building the manse.

The Manse

The manse was built in 1887 and first occupied by Rev Wyse. The cost to complete the manse was £1,408.71 and it was stated that it had such luxuries as venetian blinds and a croquet green. The signing of the title deeds took place on 4th October 1887.

Church Extensions

The extension to build a porch at the vestry and church back door was completed on 1902 and in 1955 the new hall was formally opened. The hall has seating space for nearly 300 and a kitchen, toilets, and an anteroom with sliding partition which could be used for meetings. The hall also has a stage which can be used for concerts and other events.


The Clock & Organ

The church organ was inaugurated on Wednesday evening 11th December 1901 and cost £480. The money came mainly from a legacy of £500 left by Mr Allan Pollock Morris of Craig for the purchase of the organ and a clock for the tower. The clock had been completed in September 1901. Money was required to complete the work and Mr Carnegie later donated £100 and subscriptions were collected throughout the parish to cover the costs outstanding.

It was recorded that several boys applied to be organ blower operator. A youth from Gatehead, Hugh Brown, was recommended and employed. He was paid £3 per year.

The beadle was instructed to purchase three mouse traps to reduce the risk of damage by mice and this was duly carried out.

The War Memorial

At a public meeting on 29th April 1920 it was unanimously agreed, after discussion, to request permission from the trustees of the church to erect a Celtic cross in the church grounds. Permission was granted. A handsome War Memorial was solemnly dedicated on Sunday 2nd October 1921. A replica of the St Matins Cross, Iona, the Memorial is of Peterhead granite, about fifteen feet high and occupies a fine site on the terrace at the front of the church.

The Inscription reads:

"To the glory of God and in affectionate remembrance of the men of Crosshouse Parish who gave their lives in the Great War 1914-1919"

Round the base are engraved the names of fifty-two men and underneath is the sentence:

"They loved not their life even unto death"

Additional names were added at a later date to commemorate those who fell in the second world war between 1939 and 1945.


Below are the ministers who have have served the parish over the years:
Rev James Wyse 1882-1894
Rev William White 1895-1941
Rev Gordon C Morris 1941-1948
Rev R C H Kinloch 1949-1960
Rev W B Miller 1960-1973
Rev R M Kent 1973-1981
Rev I G Grant 1981-1990
Rev Rona Young 1991-2001
Rev Ian Dennis 2003-2006
Rev T Edward Marshall 2007-
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