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Our Services

The Lord’s Supper (Communion)
Four times per year we come together to practice Communion. It is a holy time of worship when we come together as one body to remember and celebrate what Christ did for us. Our services are held on the first Sunday of June and September, and the last Sunday of February and November. For those who are housebound the minister can provide home communion. Please speak to your elder or contact the minister.
Baptism and Blessing/Thanksgiving
Baptism (Christening) services are arranged when parents of infant children living in the parish request it for their children. Also, adults may request the sacrament for themselves (Adult Baptism). The promises of Baptism, and the use of water, signify a Christian commitment. Occasionally parents may seek a service of "Blessing and Thanksgiving for the birth of a child". This is the family inviting the congregation to join with them in celebrating the birth and together asking God to bless their family life.
Christmas services begin at advent on the four Sundays leading up to Christmas day and each week one of the children from the Sunday school will light one of the four red candles on the advent crown circling the main white candle which represents Jesus, the light of the world. The white candle will be lit at the christingle service. The Christingle Service is held Christmas Eve and is a family service where the children are encouraged to bring a Christingle. The atmosphere in the church as the congregation sing and the light of the christingles illuminate the church brings to life the true meaning of Christmas.
Christian Marriage
Ministers of the Church of Scotland are authorised to perform marriages. The Church does not regard marriage as a sacrament and ministers are free to marry people who are not members of the Church of Scotland. However, if neither the bride nor groom is a member of the Church, the first approach should be to the minister of the parish in which one or other of them resides. In places where parish boundaries are not obvious, the local presbytery clerk should be able to advise. In certain circumstances the Church of Scotland permits the re-marriage of divorced people in church.
Holy week services are held in the church and jointly with other churches in the area. Easter day services begin with a short open air service high on the hill at Windyedge and this is followed by breakfast in the church hall, before the main service starts at 11am. Everyone is welcome.
Blessing of a Civil Marriage
Ministers of the Church of Scotland can also conduct blessing ceremonies for civil marriages (those which were legally conducted by a registrar and not in a church). The couple seeking a blessing on their marriage stand together at the front of the church, and may be attended by friends.
Funeral Services
Through its parish system and territorial ministry the Church of Scotland seeks to serve all the people of Scotland and not just the membership of the Church. Nobody in the situation of bereavement should hesitate to seek the services of the minister, either directly or through the undertaker.
Harvest And Shoebox Sunday
Harvest festival is celebrated in church every year and for many years now the church has collected donations of goods to be boxed and sent to Romania. Boxes are made for children and adults and the primary school donate gifts and the children make Christmas cards so that every person receives seasons greetings from Crosshouse. Usually around 200 boxes are donated and money given towards transport.
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